Toonie Race Series 2023

Toonies Race Series for 2023
#1 : Jan 12 Lost Lake
#2 : Jan 19 Lost Lake, Classic Race
#3 : Jan 26 Lost Lake
#4 : Feb 8 Whistler Olympic Park
#5 : Feb 15 Whistler Olympic Park
#6 : March 1st Lost Lake

The Whistler Nordics traditionally host the Nordic Toonie Races on Thursday nights at Lost Lake in Whistler during January and February. The event races are open to everyone, young and old, and of all abilities. While there are a few racers who like to compete there are many recreational skiers and families who are out for a fun ski, to exercise, to get to know the local ski trails and socialise.

Welcome to the Whistler Nordics Toonie Race Series 2023

Sponsors : Dave Burch Real Estate, Whistler Brewing Co, Whistler Chocolate, Hammer Coffee
Location: Register at Passiv Haus at 6pm
Start: Passiv Haus 6:30pm
Finish and après: Passiv Haus
– 2$ fee for Whistler Nordic members, bring your toonie
– Need a valid trail pass
-Bring your head lamp
Course Map :

Toonie #2 (CLASSIC RACE)
Jan 19, 2023

Location: Register at Passiv Haus 6pm
Start: Passiv Haus 6:30pm
Finish: Passiv Haus
Apres: Passiv Haus
Race map :

Toonie #3 Jan 26 2023

Sponsor : MBC Construction

Toonie #4 Feb 8 2023

Toonie #5 Feb 15 2023

Toonie Final March 1st 2023

  • Have a valid trail pass: Cheap passes $5 Thursdays at Lost Lake,  $10 Wednesdays at WOP
  • **Be a Whistler Nordics Ski Club member** Please remember to get your membership ahead of time

    the Whistler Nordics Ski Club page on Facebook for race information and sponsor updates!

    Call for Sponsors
    If you are involved with a local business and would be interested in sponsoring a race either with draw prizes we would love to hear from you, please email These races are on a much smaller scale than the summer bike toonies (approximately 30 participants) so they are a perfect opportunity for small businesses to get involved with the local community and have some fun! 
    Toonie Race Etiquette
    Stay on the Trail: As Whistler Nordics members we do our best to take care of the trails that the operators maintain and groom.  That means that we always stay on the trail. Cutting corners and skiing off trail are not acceptable.

    Passing: There is a diverse mix of abilities on trail. If you are skiing along with people behind you, ask them if they want pass. Check regularly to see if there is anyone on your tail. If you notice someone behind you all of a sudden, let them pass you when it is safe to do so. Likewise, if you would like to pass the person in front of you, ask them politely if you can pass them. Make sure it is a safe place to pass, stay on the trail and thank them for letting you by.

    Have fun!
    The Toonie Races would not exist without the support of the sponsors who are local businesses. Each week is different; there may be draw prizes depending on the sponsor. Be sure to thank the sponsors, they appreciate your gratitude.
    Pending the PHO updates and ViaSport guidelines, we are planning on hosting 4 Toonies in person in 2022. Whistler Nordic Ski Club continues to follow BC government orders and viaSport updates as well as sport specific updates provided by Cross Country BC. 
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