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Sunday Nov 11th NO DRYLAND training

There will be no Dryland session this next Weekend ( November 11th ) as all three coaches will be a top secret coaching session in Vernon learning about even more ways to make you go faster and have more fun!  However, that does not relieve you of  getting ready for the ski season by doing your own dryland session with friends or family.  It looks as though we will be able to fit one more session in on November 18th but I will let you know closer to the time.
In the meantime you can read about your first race coming up on December 2nd here;
Devo Blog Track Attack Race Team Blog

Dryland 28 October

We will be having a dryland session this Sunday  9:00 am At Lost Lake Passive House,  The session will end promptly @ 10:30 so that everyone can get to the ski swap.  This Sunday will be short and focus on Ski Walking, Pole Striding and  Bounding.  Please bring poles for bounding, typically about 10 cm shorter than classic poles.  It looks like it will be dry but still make sure you dress accordingly with something warm to change into for after.
The Ski Swap drop off is between 10:00 – 12:00 with the swap opening around noon.
For those who missed the Racers meeting this past Tuesday there will be a short outline of what was covered in a separate email.
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Ski SWAP Sunday Oct 28

Ski Swap
On October 28, 2012, we will be hosting our annual ski swap at the Hilton.  More details of time and schedule will be announced shortly but this is the time you should all be checking out your equipment for the coming season.  More than likely all of you have grown some over the summer and the equipment you were on last year will not be appropriate for this coming season.  Please check all equipment, Poles, boots and skis and clothing too!  This is a good opportunity to sell some of your old equipment and look to swap up to the next size.  The kids stuff sells quickly so please check your gear … and important to recognize whether you have a SNS binding system / or an NNN binding system so that equipment fits.  I would also note that other retailers will be there will some of their gear too.  The Week after Nov 4 Sigge’s in Vancouver hosts their ski swap too so there is an other opportunity for quality used equip.  Lastly check out the kick zone on your classic skis because even though you haven’t grown you may have gained weight and that will affect your ski’s ability to glide and / or function for you.

Just a note on equipment;

– we would ideally have everyone to have a decent pair of skate skis appropriate to your height  /  weight and a decent pair of waxable classic skis. ( fish scales will do but we would like to phase out of those as soon as we can as it hinders  technique and ability to keep up with the larger group,  always good to have them as a back up but waxable classic skis is desired at this stage of your progression.
– classic skis should generally be to the wrist when your hand is over your head
– Skate skis should be about 10-15 cm shorter than the classic skis and just over your head or at the top of your head.  Your weight and the flex of the ski will be big factors too.  It is essential particularly with Classic skis that the ski can be compressed so that you can generate kick when skiing if you can’t it will be very frustrating and vice versa if the ski is too soft then you will have too much kick and zero glide which is also frustrating. There will be a few people around at the swap to assist with sizing of equipment.
Pole height is very important to get right as it has a huge impact on technique and being able to execute the technique correctly
– poles for skate skiing need to be to the underside of your nose
– poles for classic skiing should be up to your shoulder blade
– boots should fit well and those with smaller feet will be more than likely looking at a combi boot.  Those with bigger feet may be able to get specific classic boots or specific skate boots but at your age its important to get a good fitting,  comfortable boot.
– binding systems are either SNS or NNN both are good but make sure your boots, bindings are all certain boots don’t fit specific binding etc.
Lots of rental programs out their with both the Callaghan and the XC Connection etc, but for skiers traveling to races etc its pretty much essential to have your own equipment so that ski prep, availability and rental costs to become problematic. Good luck in your search for equipment.
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All racers meeting: Tues Oct 23 Passive Haus 7pm

Racers Meeting
Next Tuesday Evening ( 7 pm @ Passive House ) The Coaches will be outlining the race season for both parents and racers.  We will review, race schedule, equipment, review racers code of conduct, training schedule, race support fees and answers any other questions related to the Racers Season.  The Head Coach will also be holding one on one sessions with each of the racers independently in the weeks after this meeting to review each racers goals for the year and help them target some personal objectives, Parents will be debriefed on the Coach / Racer meeting after.  We would like to encourage any other parents or interested racers to attend too in case you were interested for future, or even interested to attend a race or two even.

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Dryland Sunday 21 October: Lumpy’s Epic

Sunday Dryland
This week will be traveling to Pemberton to participate in the Lumpy’s Run Sunday morning.  This is an opportunity for all members of the family to participate and supports local XC skiers in the community, The event is free for kids and adults are $15.00.  Sign up is 9 am with the run starting at 10 am.  Please try and be early so that we can get signed up and have time for a proper warm-up.  There are two options for distance.  a 5 km run for kids and a 12 km run for those looking for a longer option.  I strongly recommend that you consider running the 5 k distance.  The 5 km is a comparable distance to those that you will be skiing throughout the season, and allows you to work a bit more on speed over a comparable skiing distance.  If you were to consider the 12 k distance I would recommend you approach it more as a long hike – run.
Please check the weather and bring good shoes to run on trails and warm cloths to change into for after ( socks, shoes, pants, coats and hat )  It will be cold and probably wet!

Lumpy’s Epic
One Mile Lake, Pemberton
Sunday October 12th, 2012
Race starts at 10:00am sharp
Registration 9:00am
Race entry: Adult $15, kisd free
The dall classic:
12km for adults, 5km for kids
scenic route winding through rolling forst trails
A must do for runners and walkers of all abilities

All proceeds going towards Spud Valley Jackrabbits Nordic Club
See you all there!!

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Dryland Sunday Oct 14

This week we are going to ensure we have a “DRYLAND Practice” by meeting at the Lost Lake Passive house, the practice will start @ 9:00 am.  This week we will see how the weather goes but go for a small run, work on some speed drills, stretching and core strength.  Please bring a change of cloths as it does look to be wet and if possible a towel and yoga mat as it will make the floor of the passive house a little more bearable for some of the exercises.  Good running shoes a hat / toque and a snack.
Next week is the Lumpy’s Epic Trail Run in Pemberton.  There will be a shorter length run for the kids and a longer distance run for the older athletes,  this is a fund raiser for local XC skiers and so please encourage all family members to come and participate either, running, walking, hiking or exercising the family pet!
See you Sunday @ 9:00 at the Lost Lake Passive House
Devo Blog Track Attack Race Team Blog

Dryland Sunday 7 October

To All Dryland Athletes

In order to burn off the turkey you will have consumed or will be consuming we will be back at Whistler Olympic Park this Sunday for our dryland session. ( I understand that several groups will be in various soccer tournaments this weekend and we would like to wish you all the best of luck )  Similar to last week we will be roller skiing, but the location to meet will change.  We will be meeting just off the side of the road at the junction of the new access road and the junction with the old Callaghan service road.  The meeting location is about 2/3 of the way up the main road just after the concrete bridge on the right side just before the steep section of the access road ( see the map below )

The meeting time will be 9:00 am at the gravel pull out on the Callaghan access road.
We will be roller skiing on a small portion of the road. ( so please bring safety vests if you have them or brightly colored shirts / vests )

Please bring:
  1. skate ski boots
  2. skate ski poles
  3. good running shoes
  4. bike helmet
  5. gloves
  6. safety vest / or brightly colored shirt ( we have some )
  7. pole striding poles ( ideally, chest height or about 10 cm shorter than classic poles with adjustable strap )
  8. water bottle / drink belt
  9. dress in layers
  10. snacks for after
  11. warm cloths or complete change of cloths, including a hat / toque
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Dryland for Track Attack

 “Tentative Schedule” for the next few weeks.  Generally a weekly reminder, via email, will be sent out mid-week to all participants to confirm the weeks activity / time / location.  We will try and cover a variety of activities over the coming weeks and take the activities right up to snow… literally!
Each week will be a bit different so please contact Brent if you are unsure of what is planned. There are 3 coaches involved in the Track Attack Program: Whistler Nordics new Head Coach Jessica Aldighieri, Track Attack Coaches Camille Cheskey and Brent Murdoch.
Before Practice:
– good night’s sleep
– good breakfast an  hour before training ( avoid acidic foods as they tend to add to tummy butterflies particularly for those who get  jitters ), e.g. cereals,  yogurt, fruit, toast / pancakes / waffles, eggs, rice, noodles, pasta, muffins, small amounts of ham, lots of beverages ie water, but not cream or whole milk.
– always go to the bathroom before hand
Please bring the following:
– good running shoes / trail running shoes
– dress appropriately for the weather ( ideally in layers so that once you warm up you can discard the extra layers )
– water bottle ( ideally on a belt so that you can bring it along and allow your hands to be free )
– poles for ski striding / bounding ( ideally 10cm shorter than your classic ski poles, with adjustable handle straps, downhill poles work if nothing else is available)
– small snack bar / fruit bar / fruit
– change of shirt or warm up coat / jacket for after.
– post work out drink & snack, to be consumed 20-30 min after you finish……. and yes Chocolate Milk is good!

The Tentative Schedule for upcoming weeks
We will refine once we understand the everyone’s skills and fitness and plan according to expected weather patterns etc.

Sept  9  Mrytle Philip School @ 9 am – 11 am  Running, Relays, pole striding, games etc.
16 Four Season Hotel   @ 10 am ???? Terry Fox Run 4 K or 7k run
23 Various locations Regional Camp  /  alternate activities
30 Callaghan @9am -11:30 Roller skiing / Running
Oct  7 Passive House @9am-11:00 Hike with poles up Whistler Mtn, ride lift down
14 Callaghan @9am -11:30 Roller skiing / Running
21 TBD Weather dependent
28 Callaghan @9am -11:30 Roller skiing / Running
Nov 4 TBD Weather dependent
11 TBD I am away At Vernon T2T On Snow session, Camille will likely have activity scheduled
18 TBD Weather dependent
25 TBD Early Season Callaghan Lodge Camp!
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TART Dryland: Sept 31

I hope everyone is still enjoying the fall weather.  We will be moving this week’s dryland session up to the Whistler Olympic Park.  I would like to meet everyone at the Biathalon Stadium at 9:00 am Sunday.  We will be introducing rollerskiing to the group, doing some pole striding and some running.  We might take a little bit longer and run through to 11:30. We will be roller skiing on the paved ski trails and perhaps a small portion of the road.

Please bring:
  • skate ski boots
  • skate ski poles
  • good running shoes
  • bike helmet
  • gloves
  • safety vest / or brightly colored shirt ( we have some )
  • pole striding poles ( ideally, chest height or about 10 cm shorter than classic poles with adjustable strap )
  • water bottle / drink belt
  • dress in layers
  • snacks for after
  • warm cloths or complete change of cloths, including a hat / toque
Whistler Nordics Ski Club