Teck Regional On snow Camp Nov 29 – Dec 1, 2019

November 29, 2019 – December 1, 2019 all-day
Athletes Centre & Whistler Olympic Park
Maria Lundgren

Teck Regional On snow Camp

Nov 29 – Dec 1, 2019

Whistler Head Coach:  Maria Lundgren

This is an on-snow camp for youth age 9+ years in the Coast region. Athletes will stay at the Athletes’ Lodge,
located in the Athletes’ Village in Whistler on Friday and Saturday night. Meals will be catered by Whistler Food
Co and the following food will be provided; Friday (snacks), Saturday (breakfast, snack, lunch & dinner) and
Sunday (breakfast, snack & lunch). Please eat before you arrive on Friday!
Camp schedule
Start: Check-in Friday Nov 29th at 6pm at the Athletes’ Lodge, Team meeting in the Hub at 7pm.
End: Sunday Dec 1st at 1pm. Pick-up is outside the Technical Building at the Cross-Country Stadium.
Camp has a full participation policy. The participants are expected to arrive at 6 pm on Friday November 29th
and stay until the camp ends at 1 pm on Sunday December 1st unless a prior arrangement has been made with
the head coach.
Teck Coast Cup #1 will be included in camp and all participants will take part in this race on
Sunday December 1st. Each club will supply a code for their members registered for the camp to use when
signing up for the Coast Cup race (no charge).
Activities at this camp will include; on snow training, strength session, team building activities, gymnastics and race preparations to attend the first Coast Cup race.
Please confirm your attendance by registering at https://zone4.ca/register.asp?id=22365&lan=1&cartlevel=1
Registration closes at midnight on November 7th. (Accommodation needs to be confirmed by Nov 8)
Camp Fees: $165 (includes meals, accommodation and a gymnastics session)
Trail Fees: $16.38 ($7.80 day + 5% GST) – athletes with a Seasons Pass at WOP does not pay a trail fee
Address of accommodation: 1080 Legacy Way, Whistler, BC, V8E 0L1.
Accommodation is in twin rooms (2 participants per room), bedding is provided.
Call for volunteers
To make the camp run smoothly and keep costs low we are looking for volunteers to:
• Assist with coaching on both days, overnight accommodation provided (*see below).
• Drive kids to Whistler Olympic Park and back to the athlete lodge on Saturday and to Whistler Olympic
Park on Sunday.
• Help coordinate the food distribution on Saturday morning, Saturday night, Sunday morning.
• Stay over and provide supervision at the athlete lodge on the Friday and Saturday night. *Note that
those people staying over at the lodge need to be coaches (e.g. certified with an up to date Criminal
Record Check)
Please email Maria Lundgren, coaching@crosscountrybc.ca to confirm where you can help.
On-snow camp packing list
• BC Care Card/ Medical Number • Classic Skis, Boots and Poles (Bring
• Personal toiletry items & towel • Rock skis (skate and classic) if possible)
• Sunscreen & Lip Balm • Skate Skis, Boots and Poles
• Sunglasses • Water bottle and carriers
• Rain Jacket • Headlamp
• Puffy Jacket • Pajamas & comfortable clothes for
• Training Clothes • Saturday evening
• Socks • Indoor training clothes (for gymnastics)
• Long underwear • Basic first aid (band-aids, polysporin,
• Toque moleskin, tape for feet etc)
• Gloves • Wax for your skate and classic skis
• Running shoes
Please leave electronic devices at home for the weekend.
All participants (16 years and under) will receive a toque from Teck and Cross Country BC.
The Teck Regional Camp Program is an integral part of a progressive provincial athlete development system. It targets athletes 9 to 14 years of age, and provides an affordable, accessible step into CCBC’s Provincial Camp Program. Camps help skiers learn ski related technical skills, teamwork, self-reliance and good eating habits. They motivate, promote friendships, influence lifestyle choices and provide positive exposure to activities that encourage physical fitness.

Please contact Maria Lundgren for more details.  coaching@crosscountrybc.ca

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